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Australian Road Transport Heritage Center- Gundagai NSW, Australia.

The Australian Road Transport Heritage Centre (ARTHC) is becoming an iconic national transport museum dedicated to the preservation, upkeep and display of vehicles and equipment that played a role in the development of the Australian road transport industry.

In particular the ARTHC are showcasing some of vehicles & equipment that operated on the Hume Highway and tell some of the stories from the Hume Highway and Gundagai region.

Gundagai is located almost halfway between Sydney and Melbourne on the Hume Highway and has long been a popular stopping point for truck drivers.

We have a current museum that is set up to allow for viewing, storage and maintenance of the equipment we have collected and received over the years, the museum is at corner of Tor St and Jack Moses Ave Gundagai.
We are only about 900 meters from the Gundagai Information Centre.

We are looking into sites and have a few on the table for our new larger main Museum site.

The ARTHC aim is to create a transport heritage centre of national significance.

Additionally being located almost halfway between Melbourne and Sydney it is envisaged that in time the ARTHC might become one of the destination for some of the heritage vehicle runs like
Hauling the Hume and Crawling the Hume (to name a few).

For more info and opening times visit their website or better yet go and have a look!


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