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Truck History of the ATHS- Australian Chapter

Laurie Kirby and Ray Grima, who were both members of the HCVCA at the time, but both having a love for White trucks, wanted to be a part of a club with more of an American emphasis and through this conversation is how the ATHS- Australian Chapter Inc all started.

On the 10th October 1991, Laurie Kirby and his partner Denise, from Croydon in Victoria, wrote to the ATHS in the USA asking them if it would be possible to have a branch in Victoria, Australia. Both Laurie and Denise did a lot of ground work into what was needed to get the ATHS- Australian Chapter Inc up and running.

They had already been corresponding with Mr Roland Smith of the ATHS, in regard to their own White trucks, sourcing information and then Laurie and Denise Kirby attending the ATHS show in Portland, USA to spend time with Mr Roland Smith. The ATHS- Australian Chapter Inc formed between 1991 and 1995, with a meeting held in Bayswater to gauge the number of interest and then being held at Anderson Creek Primary School, East Doncaster from then on.

From this, on the 9th January 1996, the ATHS Australian Chapter was registered as an Incorporation officially.

At the meeting held by the Executive committee of the ATHS Board of Directors on the 29 March 1996, it was approved to establish the Australian Chapter of the ATHS. The Board of Directors were pleased there was such interest in American truck in Australia or “The land down under” as they stated.

They sent out a Chapter Charter Plaque, a signed copy of the Chapter agreement and a copy of the chapter Officer Guidelines Manual.

Mr Roland Smith, being also a White truck fan, flew out to Australia to be the guest speaker at the very first Australian White Truck Muster in 2005. The first Australian White Truck Muster was also the first ATHS Australian Chapter truck show in the Southern Hemisphere! This show was sponsored by the ATHS- Australian Chapter and their logo used on the promotional flyers and also on the plaques given to participants.

The ATHS Australian Chapter Inc was the first chapter to be established off the North American Continent.

We would also like to acknowledge the other past and present ATHS Australian Chapter Presidents, who are:

  • Ron Graham
  • Gavin Spence
  • Steve Bragg
  • Roscoe Talbot
  • Scott Hough



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