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President: Rossco Talbot 0428 506 807
Vice President: Ron Campbell, Graham Wright, Neville Henery
Secretary / Public & Membership Officer: Susie Harris 0419 556 754
Treasurer: Gary Jarvis, Terry Whelan
Committee Persons: Scotty Hough, Tony Murphy, Louden Mazoudier, Keith Harvie, Lyndsay McKenzie, Max Pollard, Gordon McCracken, Terry Whelan, Marg Whelan, Gary Jarvis, Greame Wright, Ian Watson
Club Plate Permit Registrar: Nerville Henery
Club Plate Scrutineers / Signatories: Tony Murphy, Geoff Brown, Susie Harris, Steve Bragg, Rossco Talbot, Gordon McCracken, Scotty Hough
Federation Representatives: Peter Rochow, Tony Murphy
AOMC Representatives: Robert Green, Tony Murphy
Media Liaison Officers: Rossco Talbot, Susie Harris
Merchandise Officers: Susie Harris, Rossco Talbot, Ron Campbell
Website Administrators: Jenny Cotterell
USA Representative: Ian Watson
Area Representatives
Northern Vic: Ron Campbell North East Vic: Lizard, Gordon McCracken
Central Vic: Scott Hough East Gippsland: Terry Whelan, John Burley
Tas: Ken Midson NT: Ron Dehne
NSW: Pat Vassallo, Frank Pace Qld: Janice McCracken, Brennan Greig
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